What happens when your genetics create a disaster? this is the question that drives me. You see I studied International Disaster Management and Planning, but nothing could prepare me for a series of unfortunate events.

As a first generation Dominican American I followed the American Dream four step program.

  1. Get smart: requires completion of high school, college and graduate school.
  2. Stay focused: usually involves working super hard to proof your abilities in a white and male world.
  3. Build a reputation: gain decent employment, avoid poverty, don’t have children out of wedlock.
  4. Succeed: combine all of these gently, don’t forget Spanish, before 2002 this also included covering your curves with spinach until you no longer carried the memories of Africa on your hips.

Usually these steps combine (like the powers of Captain Planet) and you then become an example for other brown girls. I did just that! and my linked in proves it.

Unfortunately, at the age of 24 I began experiencing chronic pain. Over the last 10 years this pain turned into numerous diagnosis, leaving me with Ankylosing Spondalytis with IBS that dropped me well below the poverty line.

This blog is my testimony, through it I will expose the nightmare that is public assistance and how it hurts those it is meant to help.


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